Conp_project directory

@akhanf, @tristankk
Still can’t access the conp_project directory.
Now it tells me that there is no such directory.
Local mount also fails.
I can see (and mount) /srv/cbs/open_data, though.
And I see conp_project listed in the directory.
Any ideas?


mount /srv/cbs/conp_project
Password for jdiedrichsen@//$: ************
mount error(2): No such file or directory
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

Sorry I think Chris might be in the process of moving the share – turns out it was set-up in the wrong location (under my lab’s share) so he was moving it to the share made for CBS data… I’ll ask him for an update and cc you.

cifs://$ ?

Does not work from here, unfortunately.


What’s the difference between bmisrv and imagingsrv?
Different gates ?

A - so mounting over bmisrv works. I guess these are different gates for access from the BMI and the CFMM?

//imagingsrv and //bmisrv are actually different fileshares, not just different gates. imagingsrv is the file share that was set-up before the CBS server came around, so non-CBS Robarts PI’s have their data on that file share. When we started the CBS server, the bmisrv file share was created, so anyone signing up for CBS server storage has there data stored there, not on imagingsrv. My group was one exception since I already had a share on imagingsrv, so my folder was kept there…

As for this conp_project folder, it was originally on imagingsrv in my folder, but has now been moved to a folder on bmisrv. So the bmisrv mounting worked for you because that is where the data is, it is no longer on imagingsrv.