Compute Canada: accessing another user's scratch space

Hi all,

Do you know of any way to access another user’s scratch space on Compute Canada?


If you’re in the same group (e.g. rrg-akhanf), then you can make a scratch folder accessible to other members of the group.

The trick here though is you have to make that folder, along with all parent folders (up to and including /scratch/USERNAME), readable… Haven’t found any other way to get that working…

e.g. for each folder:

chmod g+rX folder_name
chgrp rrg-akhanf  folder_name

Thanks for this solution! It’s about Geetika’s scratch space which is under rrg-akhanf and I have trouble accessing it. I’m a member of rrg-akhanf too, so not sure why it’s not working. Or does my membership ‘default’ to def-mmur?

You can find what groups you’re in with groups, but yes def-mmur would work fine too since you’re both in that group.

Thanks Ali, it’s working now!

thanks my issue has been fixed.

thanks for the awesome information.